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Your First Experience in a New Job Stays With You Forever. A2i People’s HR Service is Here to Inspire Your People for Lasting Success.

At Aspire 2 Inspire People (A2i People), we understand the benefits of implementing a sound HR process from the outset. Dynamic HR services facilitate growth through your people, which helps identify areas for learning and development, and aligns you in the right direction to create a thriving workplace for the people, the organisation they work for, and the wider community.

Our Goal

Our end goal is to attract and retain the very best talent, by seeking out people who are the right fit for your business, within the framework of your social and ethical moral values.

About Us

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A2i People is a Well-Rounded HR Company. We Care About People Who Care.

At A2i People, we value doing the right thing, which is why we work closely with people and organisations who put social responsibility at the heart of their business.

As an ethically minded HR solutions company we strive to bring a sense of harmony and balance to the delicate relationships at all levels of your organisation. We believe work should be a positive experience for both the employees and the organisation, and we value businesses who create a positive impact on the world around them.

Building relationships is the cornerstone of every successful HR strategy. Our team prides itself on being great room levelers, with a high degree of emotional intelligence that’s accustomed to dealing with tricky situations under stressful circumstances.

We seek to diffuse areas of tension, because we understand that removing workplace resistance opens the channels of two-way communication to move your business forward.

HR Support for Small Business

Simple HR consulting services and easy HR administration to implement the best organisational structure with sound legal compliance right from the start.

Employee Relations Management for Teams

We'll develop your workplace culture, engage teams for enhanced performance, and help you figure out what's really happening below the surface of your workforce.

External HR Services for Human Capital Management

Neutral, impartial HR support services bring positive outcomes during periods of change, ease transitions through company mergers and help acquisitions flow smoothly.

When it Comes to Outsourcing HR, Process is a Powerful Tool.

At A2i People we develop your business strategy on the foundation of your people. We work alongside employees at all levels of your organisation to put the right process in place, then match that process to people with the right skills and experience to implement your strategy.

We like managers to be involved in the HR process, because this helps us set and achieve realistic goals with a down-to-earth approach.

Whether you're just looking for low-key human resources administration, payroll advice, help with your HR contracting, a full HR audit, or a dynamic HR service to help you navigate through a difficult circumstance in the workplace, we'll strategise the right process for your unique situation to bring the best solution to your team.

Our own process is to build your HR structure with respect and integrity. We'll coach your managers to look after your staff's wellbeing. This creates a catalyst for change that makes your business a force for good, and a desirable place to work.

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