6 Ways HR Support Facilitates Smooth Organisational Design & Healthy Change Management

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The goal of change management is to optimise organisational design to achieve the key business objectives. Effective organisational design is an essential ingredient in positive change management. External HR advisors should work together with the organisation to implement systematic processes, using sound people management knowledge and the right tools. A quality HR consultant works with […]

5 HR Trends in the Current & Future Workplace Leadership You Need to Know About

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Workplace Leadership has become a role for everybody, so the previously well-defined line between management and employees is moving towards a collaborative space for a shared work experience. Employees who were once set in their ways and lined up for promotion in long-term service are at times no longer right for the job. On the […]

Why You Should Build New Critical Skills & Competencies in Your Workforce

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HR’s 10 Most Desirable Critical Skills & Competencies for 2022 Human resource (or the increasingly popular People) teams are adapting to the changing demands of hybrid business. The future is leaning towards a blend of soft skills and technological competencies. HR managers and HR support providers are developing teams with complimentary skills who can adapt […]

The future of work – what does it look like? 6 unique insights.

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Across the globe, flexible and hybrid work is driving transformation. The future of work goes well beyond just offering employees the opportunity to work from home. The future workplace is changing the way we think about work, with positive effect. • Organisations are harnessing the power of data-driven strategies to attract talent, boost employee retention, […]

What Are the Benefits of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the Modern Workplace?

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Diversity in the workplace Diversity in the workplace brings immense benefits to business, because it enables people to develop critical thinking skills, and encourages us to question the status quo. When people are exposed to other ways of doing things, they naturally expand their own horizons. This often results in stronger teams who can demonstrate […]

5 Ways HR Needs Are Changing in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

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5 Ways HR Needs Are Changing in a Post-Pandemic Workplace Today’s HR landscape is about driving positive transformation to create resilient teams. We’ve shared 5 key strategies to navigate the change in HR post-pandemic. As the future of work moves towards greater diversity, equality and inclusion, the top HR consultancies are becoming more flexible to […]