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Critical skills are vital in navigating the world of work and the business environment.

HR’s 10 Most Desirable Critical Skills & Competencies for 2022

Human resource (or the increasingly popular People) teams are adapting to the changing demands of hybrid business.

The future is leaning towards a blend of soft skills and technological competencies. HR managers and HR support providers are developing teams with complimentary skills who can adapt quickly, with the right attitude to change.

Below are 10 of the core skills HR consultants are looking for in 2022:

Going to work is not as simple as it used to be.

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Why You Should Build New Critical Skills & Competencies in Your Workforce 4

The contemporary office environment has evolved from catching up over a quick tea break into full-scale remote work, and onwards into a hybrid conglomeration of the best of all worlds, in less than 2 years.

This pressure has caused people at all levels of every business to re-evaluate their views on workplace competence and critical skills. So, how can you ensure your employees have the right skills to future-proof your business?

Previously, those with the most experience doing the job were considered senior, while the newbies were given opportunities to learn.

In the future of work, somebody who has been winning all the races for decades may struggle with the new technologies needed to collaborate remotely, while those who have just graduated are easily changing the way long-standing business procedures get done.

The workplace hierarchy has become less important than individual contribution.

Companies That Value Soft Skills & Critical Competencies Perform Well Under Pressure

What lockdown showed us, is that no business is immune to change, and we must adapt with the times if we’re to keep abreast of the global workspace.

Stress, mental health, having a suitable work life balance, and maintaining a degree of sanity in challenging conditions, has stretched C-level leaders and entry-level employees in equal measure.

Active learners with a high level of resilience and a natural desire to bring people together have thrived, while those who are overwhelmed by change or reluctant to adapt still feel stretched beyond their abilities.

Businesses that performed best throughout the pandemic – and came out of it in a stronger position for future economic growth – share a common thread amongst their teams. Their people adapt quickly, understand how to solve problems, and are willing to embrace effective change management to evolve with the times. 

How Can HR Support Help Businesses to Develop Critical Skills?

While it’s desirable to have teams with established soft skills such as creativity and analytical thinking, it doesn’t do much good to have a team full of creatives but no analytical thinkers. Teams need a balance in complimentary soft skills to keep their ideas both inspiring and achievable.

HR support services work alongside your organisation to help you understand the psychometric gaps in your team. This process is crucial for companies who wish to develop strong foundations across multiple areas of the business, and want to ensure the organisational structure can withstand an unexpected crisis.

When You Get the Critical Skills Balance Right, Teams Work with Synergy

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Critical thinking applies to most roles in the workplace

Recruitment and talent acquisition managers seek-out candidates who not only have the right aptitude to do the job well, but also have the ideal combination of suitable soft skills to complement other members of the team. This elevates your business at all levels of the organisation and sets you up for sustainable success.

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