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Diversity at work promotes growth and a culture of innovation

Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace brings immense benefits to business, because it enables people to develop critical thinking skills, and encourages us to question the status quo.

When people are exposed to other ways of doing things, they naturally expand their own horizons. This often results in stronger teams who can demonstrate enhanced creativity, greater problem-solving abilities, a deeper sense of connection, and improved mental health.

Teams with a high degree of diversity in the workplace and inclusive practices at work are more likely to collaborate, and have a powerful ability to innovate by stretching each other out of their comfort zones.

This desirable outcome not only helps organisations to attract talented staff, but also creates social credibility with the wider community, which ultimately leads to revenue growth.

What Counts as Equality in Work?

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Equality in Work has come a long way since women won the right to vote in the UK Parliament in 1928. Today, people recognise that being different is nothing more than the need to feel understood and valued, and by that definition, we’re all as diverse as each other.

However, it’s important to consider how your organisation includes and values people with honest reference to the below criteria at a policy level.

Do you have a good mix of analytical left-brain thinkers and creative right-brained thinkers in your team, or does everybody share similar learning preferences?

Does your organisation require a certain degree of education, or favour candidates who graduated from a particular institution?

How readily do you accept and welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community into your team?

Are all genders given equal opportunities to progress their careers, and are all genders paid the same salary for the same level of skill?

Do all genders enjoy the same flexibility to take parental leave, and are all those with children accommodated in the same way for their childcare needs?

Do you employ people from a certain generation, or withhold promotions from those who are below or above a desirable age?

Is your work environment equipped to facilitate people who require additional physical or mental support?

Are all members of your team the same general ethnicity, or do you welcome every ethnicity and treat people as equals?

Assuming the legal requirement to be allowed to live and work in the UK is met, does your organisation employ candidates regardless of their cultural heritage?

How Can You Best Attract & Retain An Inclusive Workforce?

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Inclusive practices at work create an atmospshere of belonging

The easiest way to ensure diversity, equality and inclusion in your organisation is to diversify leadership first. It’s essential to educate leaders on the importance of developing diversity within their teams.

Leaders should be held accountable for diversity in the workplace. Managers should use data to track progress and performance, rather than rely on the human bias for reporting.

Organisations should develop and coach managers to become enablers for the entire team. The goal is for leaders to build awareness about workplace discrimination, so that all members of the team aim to create positive experiences for underrepresented talent on a daily basis.

A Leadership-First Approach Makes Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Part of the Organisational Culture.

The secret to developing a consistent, sustainable Diversity, Equality & Inclusion policy is to highlight the organisation’s social responsibility, and to present all candidates with clear opportunities for career development.

Talented employees understand they have clear paths to advancement, with access to mentorship and career support. All employees should be encouraged to explore networking opportunities which may expose employees to other ways of thinking.

Organisations need to be mindful of restrictions in the workplace, and should work with employees to form accessible, inclusive solutions that can help all people to thrive.

The Right Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Strategy Shows You Really Care About Your People

If your HR strategy embraces socially responsible Diversity Equality & Inclusion policies as part of the organisation’s culture and long-term vision, it creates a good impression to the wider business community, and encourages people to want to work with you.

When leaders and employees at all levels of the organisation feel capable, heard, understood, and welcome, there is no limit to the enormous potential your business can achieve. Get in touch, or Book a consultation with Andrea via Calendly to review your current Diversity Equality & Inclusion policy, or get started if you don’t already have one.

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