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Planning for change management will always have its challenges.

The goal of change management is to optimise organisational design to achieve the key business objectives.

Effective organisational design is an essential ingredient in positive change management. External HR advisors should work together with the organisation to implement systematic processes, using sound people management knowledge and the right tools.

A quality HR consultant works with the business on projects to implement new policies and strategies efficiently, while simultaneously reducing any potential negative disruptions. The change process should be smooth and objective-driven, and needs to look after the best interests of the people, the business, and the wider business environment.

Organisational design and change management is a complex process that can have a significant impact on the health of the organisation.

HR support is here to ease you through the change in 6 important ways

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6 Ways HR Support Facilitates Smooth Organisational Design & Healthy Change Management 4

1 – HR Consultants Lead & Initiate Structural Changes

Establishing the right organisational design through change management involves carefully analysing the potential impact of new scenarios, and assessing the firm’s readiness for change. Once the right strategy is decided, your HR team will enable action and empower people to change the status quo.

Wherever you are on your journey, the right HR support brings fresh perspective with a neutral point of view.

A2i People provides a comprehensive HR service, with an outside assessment to look at the big picture without internal bias. This helps to keep things realistic and achievable for all stakeholders.

2 – Employee Relationship Building Facilitates Effective Change Management

Employees, managers, and key stakeholders should be readily informed about the processes and policies which may be changing. This includes using two-way, open communication to help people understand what’s changing, why it’s necessary to make the changes, and how they will be affected.

People managers help managers and organisations to identify and mitigate any risks as they arrive, and can prepare the correct documents for legal compliance.

One of the biggest benefits organisations see when they use a human capital management service such as A2i People, is the simplicity with which redundancies can be made. Experienced HR managers come alongside the business to deal with redundancies in a frank yet supportive manner, which helps reduce stress for those leaving their employment.

3 – Outsourcing HR Limits Change Resistance to Promote Employee Buy-In

Mergers, acquisitions, and unexpected restructures always run the risk of inspiring the masses to rebel.

Employees nearly always rally together, which can lead to fear mongering, and a generalised resistance to change which can make the process more challenging than it needs to be.

Employees need to understand how change can benefit them in the future. They may get to learn new critical skills or enjoy better opportunities for promotion.

People may be able to move into a role they prefer, and they could also contribute towards the development of a much stronger future leadership bench for the organisation.

Using external HR support, either standalone or to work alongside the internal HR team, guides employees and other key stakeholders through the process. This builds trust and transparency from a neutral standpoint, which helps people to accept the idea of change, and reduces widespread resistance.

4 – Conflict Resolution is Easier with HR Support

Change creates tension, which needs to be diffused quickly to prevent unnecessary challenges.

HR consultants deal with internal conflicts between key stakeholders. Consultants work with the team to understand how staff feel about the changes. This helps the organisation to reach a mutually-beneficial, happy outcome for all.

Organisations going through significant change may also face external conflicts and resistance within the local community. Your HR strategy should assess change impact on the wider business environment to minimise conflicts.

5 – HR Audits Measure Success & Keep Change Management Sustainable

Once the change has been implemented, HR consultants can assist with identifying skill gaps, building training and development workshops, and coaching management to best support their teams for lasting success.

Progress should be evaluated accurately, with honest adjustments made as needed.

6 – The Goal of External HR Support is to Design the Right Organisational Structure Through Effective Innovation Management

HR consultants oversee the people side of change management to implement the best procedures, policies and technologies for a sound organisational structure.

With the right HR support, businesses going through significant change should enjoy a seamless transition that looks after the best interests of the people, the business, and the wider business environment.

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6 Ways HR Support Facilitates Smooth Organisational Design & Healthy Change Management 5

If your business is going through a change get in touch or Book a consultation with Andrea via Calendly. If you have any questions simply visit our Contact Us page and leave your information and we will get back to you. Why not visit our Services page to see what else we offer in regards to HR support and services. Find out how much easier change can be when you outsource your HR administration to a dedicated HR Consultant.

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