About A2i People

Aspire to Inspire People (A2i People) is an Ethically Focused, Socially Responsible Human Resources Company Founded by Global People Director Andrea Farrell, MA FCIPD.

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A2i People Believes Your Team Should Feel Like They've Made the Right Choice Working with You.

Andrea has over 20-years' experience in corporate HR and people management, with a proven track record working for renowned and fast-paced organisations around the world. Andrea is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and also a qualified Mental Health First Aider

To Andrea, success is to strengthen the workforce environment by developing the organisational culture, engaging employees for improved performance, and delivering measurable results to meet realistic goals. She has worked with NYSE and FTSE 100 listed organisations across a variety of sectors, as well as some smaller companies where the CEO is often one person doing all of the HR work alone.

About Us

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At A2i People it is our fundamental belief that measurable and profit-driven outcomes should be carefully positioned against the desire to make a positive impact in the world. We value a principled approach, so we really enjoy working with organisations that care about people, the environment, animal welfare and social wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create fair workspaces that bring a sense of balance into all levels of the organisation. We’re particularly motivated by our desire to represent those in the misrepresented corners of society.

We strive to build teams who are both productive and responsible, which creates a healthy ecosystem that makes companies both desirable to work for, and a leading force in our collective effort to create a greener, more sustainable future.

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As an Experienced Human Capital Manager, Andrea is an Excellent Communication Navigator.

At A2i People we believe work should always be a positive experience, even through the tough times, which is why we take a team approach to identify opportunities for learning and development. Andrea works alongside key stakeholders to identify solutions, prepare employees for mergers and acquisitions and to manage people through restructuring and redundancies. Dynamic support is given to implement legally compliant HR administration, optimise HR payroll, and to implement solid strategies for lasting success at all levels. We'll identify and unravel the right human resource strategy for your business, then bring in the perfect people to implement it. When we use the people in your ecosystem efficiently to complement your goals, we can maintain and develop a sustainable HR solution which benefits the people, the organisation, and the environment around you in a responsible, meaningful way.

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