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Your People are Your Catalyst for Success. Help Them Lead the Way with Dynamic HR Outsourcing Services by A2i People.

HR Support is holistic, encompassing everything from the interview and hiring process to ensuring legal compliance, managing payroll, and merging corporate culture through an acquisition. No two people or situations are the same, so when you outsource your HR services to us, you're bringing in valuable guidance with neutral, impartial advice.

Aspire to Inspire People (A2i People) moulds easily to fit your company's needs. We apply our principled approach to diffuse situations in a calm, constructive manner, and we use our collective skills in people management to motivate your teams. This reduces workplace resistance, helps people feel comfortable in their work environment, and identifies areas where there are opportunities for training and development in your management teams.

We work with organisations of all sizes, and particularly enjoy working with people who share our ethical values when it comes to creating a fair and balanced workplace environment.

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Employee Relations Management

Employee relations management is for established businesses looking to improve performance, diffuse staff tension, or navigate through change. We'll work closely with your managers in a coaching capacity to unravel the source of any issues within the team, so we can implement insightful solutions that solve problems in a meaningful, constructive way.

As part of our employee relationship management service, we'll identify areas for training and development within your teams, so we can develop your employee's motivation and boost their job satisfaction levels.

We facilitate employee wellbeing, encourage team building, deepen your organisation's inherent culture, and give your employees at all levels the right tools and support to become more engaged with their own performance metrics.

Our goal is to nurture employees to make a positive impact, and to work alongside you to implement systems that support employee wellbeing both in and out of the workplace.

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Human Capital Management

Sometimes, we need to deal with difficult situations in a kind, empathetic way. When organisations go through a period of change due to a merger, acquisition or restructure, it can leave employees feeling lost and confused.

A2i People brings impartial support with a composed approach. We assist with cultural integration to help people at all levels feel positive about the pending changes, and we give those facing redundancies the support they need to achieve a positive mentality in a challenging situation.

We help organisations restructure quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruptions in a way that reduces change resistance with measurable results. By supporting and coaching your staff, we're able to create a strong partnership between the employees and the business, which leads to a positive outcome for all.

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HR Support Services

We offer an HR support retainer for businesses looking for regular HR services on an ad-hoc basis. We're always at hand to answer your questions with industry-driven insights based on first-hand knowledge. This gives you the flexibility to manage your HR administration yourself, knowing we're here to assist as and when needed. Part of our support service is to conduct an HR audit of your business, so you can relax knowing your organisation is compliant and up to date with the latest HR and payroll policies.

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HR Administration Services

Our HR administration services are tailored to suit individual company needs, which may include polishing your interview techniques, assisting you with the hiring process, drawing up contracts and paperwork to ensure legal compliance, or working alongside you to build a sound HR strategy.

This creates a happy work environment, helps your team stay on top of their training and development programs, and keeps people in the right headspace to avoid resistance within your workforce.

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HR Consulting Services

Our personalised HR consulting services are the perfect way to outsource HR support for your small business. We'll help you understand how HR fits into your business, and we'll walk you through the hiring process to implement the right HR process from the ground up. This gives you the correct support to source talented people who will contribute towards your goals, refine your strategy for sustainable results, and ensure that your people fit easily into your overall organisational objectives.

A2i People Believes the Greatest Results in Human Resource Management Comes from Being Responsible.

We actively strive to build healthy, balanced environments where people, organisations, and the wider community see a positive impact on the world around them.

At A2i People, our aim is to give your people a sense of purpose and fulfilment, so you can reach your goals, exceed your own expectations, and retain your talented employees from hire to retire.